Change Management: Approach To Change

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Change management is an approach to evolution, or dealings with a change both from point of view of individual and organization. Change management is an important tool of project management. change management is the process which is sequence of different steps that a change management team or team leader follows to apply change management to a plan or project. Change management comprises of three following steps, i-e preparatory phase ( preparation, assessment and strategy development) managing change (planning and change management implementation) reinforcing change (Data gathering, corrective action and recognition) etc. ( Prosci's research). Effective communication is a simple activity involving words, body language, topic under discussion,…show more content…
It is a critical factor or activity that have a huge impact on fact how successfully an organization or a team meets his mission or objective of a program or project. Ronald Daniel was the first person who introduced this factor. Every organization has a mission that why it exists and where it tends to go. The mission of organization reflects its values, norms and traditions. Reaching its destination requires the skills of every entity of organization. Goals and hard work of every member should be towards the success of mission. However success in mission is not enough. The hard work and consistent effort from every member side to achieve the desired standards is the mission of an organization. The key areas, in which an organization competes, are defined as organization’s critical success factors. (caralli, 2004,…show more content…
Critical factor are limited no of key variables that is necessary for an organization, team or a project to achieve its goals. Strategy is the ways of missions and work stated in such a way to define what business the company is doing and what sort of company it is. Complete strategy of a company will define the product line, the ways through market will be reached and the image of company or team which it will provide to its customers and employees. Goals are the precise aims to be attained in a given time frame. (Bullen and rockhart, 1981,
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