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Change is an integral part of any organization that needs to keep abreast of its competitors in the business. It is important since it is the process through which an organization embraces new ideas or technology for running a business and quits using old-fashioned ways that have proved not to be working. The process of change management is a very crucial one since it determines the success or failure of the change. People fear change, and it is very important that steps are taken towards making them embrace this change and be part and parcel of the change process. This essay delves into the recent structural change that General Electric Company had in its subsidiary, in India.
Change in the management of an organization automatically triggers change in how tasks are carried out in the organization. This is because different managers exhibit different leadership styles and have varied preferences as to how tasks should be done. However, for G.E India, change in management brought more than just change in how tasks are performed in the organization. The appointment of John Flannery the helm of leadership in G.E India, as the president and C.E.O, marked the beginning of a fundamental change in the company's organization structure. Until his appointment, G.E India, just like other multinational corporation subsidiaries, had a matrix organizational structure (Ganguly, 2012). In the matrix organizational structure, the local business heads would report directly to the heads at the headquarters in Fairfield, who were at the same level as the country heads. However, John Flannery brought about a new structure that had not been previously used by G.E globally. In this new organizational structure, the matrix structure was done away with, ...

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....E Electric Company.
In conclusion, change is a very crucial element of any competitive organization that seeks to improve its operations and increase profitability. Managing change is an equally important process which ought to be done with due care and moderation. Organizations should, therefore, be keen on embracing new ways that would improve their structures and incorporate better ideas in carrying out certain tasks. This is the best way to make their going concern certain.

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