Change Is A Natural Part Of Life

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Mr. Buhr, Change is a natural part of life. It’s how we grow, mature, and survive. It’s brought on by the experiences we are given which are a product of the choices we and those around us make. We are all connected. In one way or another, we could not live or die without each other. I’m absolutely fascinated with that concept. Cause and effect. It’s beautiful to me. How one small decision can alter your life forever. I’ve changed a lot this year. I thought I did a lot in middle school. Going through different cycles of friends, excelling through different things at different points in time, trying new activities, and experimenting with hair and clothes. They were the typical middle school phases. When I got out, I thought that was it. I was me, mature and ready for high school. I was wrong, and very naive. Over the summer I became someone new. I “found myself”. I realized that high school needed to be different. I wanted to get good grades, join forensics again, and participate in outgoing activities. I wanted to become the person I’ve always wanted to be. So, I tried. On the fi...
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