Change And Change: Causes And Consequences Of Climate Change

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“In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments – there are consequences.” this quote argues that identifiable consequences of climate change are substantial to understand climatic events (Ingersol, 1899 p.270 cited in Burroughs, 2007). The term ‘climate change’ indicates the statistically long – term period environmental deviation of the global atmosphere including the averages state of the climate or natural climate variability (the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Chang (IPCC), 2007). During the past historical and recent decades, climate change and the Earth’s responses illustrate that most regions have been changed rapidly in the variability of climate including increasing the averages global temperature, greenhouse gases concentration, water vapour atmosphere, sea – level and coastal wind, decreasing in snow and ice cover and differences of day – night temperature, and changing pattern in all life activities (Hardy, 2003). This essay examines firstly what causes of climate change or change in climate variability, then focus…show more content…
The causes of human, including burning of fuels, agriculture and transportation have a crucial role to play in climate change more than the natural causes. Human activities have been significant rapid changes of climate while the natural have expressed to change this phenomenon in long – term. Furthermore, all of causes have changed the climate variability and these effects to ecological and human dimension effects. Thus, the possible solutions would manage a major cause of this phenomenon by reducing the negative effects in the atmosphere and adaptation to the climate change. However, the effective methods of dealing with human activities ought to suggest in the daily of living. Finally, climate change in the future should be predicted not just for the solution, but even as early as the policy to manage this
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