Chan Samadhi: Enlightenment in Buddhism

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Buddhas are considered to manifest from Chan Samadhi. Those who lack the skill of Chan Samadhi, cannot become enlightened or attain Buddhhood. Since beings can be born in ignorance, and life remain meaningless if we were to die in confusion, humanity needs to find how it comes to this world and how it will die. Can we be free independently the time when we die? The Chan meditation tell us in order to clear the confusion. The goal of this practice is to attain freedom over birth and death, which is considered to be true freedom – the ability to come and to go whenever we want, without afflictions or worries. To go to the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss by simply getting into full lotus posture, and bidding farewell to everyone, should be possible to enable us to leave. That would be true freedom over birth and death. To gain that freedom, a practitioner needs to overcome the fear of death, not be afraid of pain, difficulty, suffering or anything else. After Shakyamuni attained enlightenment under the bodhi tree he stated, “Strange indeed, Strange indeed, all living beings on the earth have Buddha nature, just because errant thoughts and attachments arise, they are unable to accomplish the Way.” Can a practictioner reach the “shore of paramita” by cultivating the “three ways of stopping emotional non-outflows” which consists of Holding Precepts, Investigating Samadhi and Opening Wisdom, and thereby they end birth of Desire, Form and Formlessness, leave suffering and attain bliss. Chan meditation tells us that Patriachs, Bodhisattvas and Buddhas through the ages succeeded by means of this method. Chan Meditation disciplines both the b... ... middle of paper ... ...ful existence, and from within wonderful existence, true emptiness arises. This is the state of wonder, the state being inconceivable, this is the state of the unspeakable. It is not owned to any country, any race, any culture, any religion and any sect of Chan school – be it not of the Linzi, Caodong, Yunmen, Fayan or Weiyang sects or encompass the entire substance. For example, if the whole body of the elephant represents the vast functioning of substance, then the Chan practitioner is like the whole elephant, not just one part of its body. The Chan master does everything very naturally, without putting on airs. Those who still each not understanding need to “Investigate it”, ask “Who am I? “Who? Who? ……………………… until the barrel of doubts is shattered. As those who drink water will feel the hot or cold by them.

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