Challenges of Business Communication

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This report will cover the challenges of business communication in a global work environment. The following information will be used to formulate this report:

A. Dynamics:

1. Global reach in emerging markets worldwide

2. Dealing with differences in language and worldwide locations

B. Strategy:

1. Business Activities in a Global Market

2. Societal Considerations in a Global Business Setting

C. Fundamentals for communicating in a Global Workplace

The world has become a smaller place with the introduction of the worldwide internet, teleconferencing and telecommunication advances. Modern technology has facilitated more rapid communication between businesses around the world. While this greatly expands a business’s opportunity for growth and profitability, it also increases the opportunity for communication missteps. Such miscommunications can lead to the loss of partnerships and profitability.

An awareness of cultural customs and attitudes in regards to business will require communication efficiency and effectiveness. Culture affects the way people think about business within societal norms. For example, Asian cultures, including Japan and China, promote teamwork and cooperation in business environments while Western businesses promote individual action and responsibility. Understanding these values will help create an effective communication strategy with partners from these regions. Communication is the life blood of any organization; it requires a proactive approach because many hindrances have the ability to degrade or obstruct the ability to pass information and therefore have a direct effect on business relationships.

A proactive corporate approach is not yet the norm for most companies. As a strategic i...

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...rimarily by economic interdependency and advances in technology, but that success will be driven by the ability of international managers to understand appropriate business etiquette, customs and values among nations of the world. Because communication is culture bound and culture specific, it is important that companies involved in international business devote adequate time to learn, understand and appreciate the different ethical and cultural habits. The acquisition of these competitive global skills and competences will enable high growth businesses establish lasting strategic relationships. In light of the advantages and complexities of globalization in the 21st century business management, cultivating cross cultural awareness and developing multicultural sensitivity and global mindset by managers will lead to sustainable growth in international business.
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