Challenges Of Love In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Love and Its Many Challenges
Love can be a very fragile yet powerful thing that can endure many dilemmas. Shakespeare’s play not only demonstrates both his learning and expansiveness of his imagination, but also references his attribute towards the Greek mythology. His play also focuses on the conventions of English Renaissance theater. In the play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare utilizes the characters, Lysander and Hermia, to reveal that the two lovers will endure many challenges in society.
Shakespeare’s play was wrote during a time period where he was putting his shallow plots in the past that helped cause him to find his mature style. He based his play off the consideration of imagination versus reality with the concept that emotions
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Love is challenged by many factors that can either harm or destroy it completely. Shakespeare uses Lysander and Hermia’s love for each other to be an example of what love can truly endure if they both are willing to go through it. As Hermia has second thoughts about her love towards Lysander, he confronts her that their love will truly endure anything as long as their love for one another stays strong. He warns her that “the choices of friends” can also be a problem because some may not completely agree or feel the same about their relationship (I.i.139). Lysander expects that their friends may try to cause harm to their relationship, but only do so with best interest. Her friends is just one of the very many obstacles that she will…show more content…
Their love for each other endured differences in birth, difficulties by friends, doubt, laws, magic love potions, and gender roles in society. By facing these obstacles proves even further that in the end love truly conquers all. Shakespeare uses these example to his best ability in order to prove how the Renaissance period was ruled and how it affected love. Love is a rare thing and once a relationship has experienced many challenges together, it allows for the relationship itself to become stronger. It is not something that is meant to be taken for granted, but to be taken care of very carefully and treated properly as
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