Challenges Of Interracial Relationships

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Interracial Relationships Interracial couples have always existed. Interracial relationships have grown higher and higher each year. Census shows that they are more interracial couples. In 2000 7 percent of opposite- sex married couples were interracial lot interethnic, which grew to 10 percent in 2010. Those couples are primarily located in the Western and Southwestern part of the United States as well as Alaska, Hawaii that data showed.” Other Census findings shows that the increase of interracial couples between 2000 and 2010 have increased 8 percent from 72 million in 200 to 78 million a decade later. People say that interracial couples are most attractive, and have the most fun just because they are multi-racial, and they combine both of their cultures together and use them to bring their family and friends together. Although this may be true, interracial relationships can also pose certain challenges. For example: family approval, public acceptance, and cultural differences all play a key role in the effectiveness of their relationship with their families and interaction in society. One of the major challenges is gaining approval from family because of how different races were treated back in history. In the past there was much family disapproval of mix race relationship. Family is the most important unit in society. Without family you want have the support, guidance, love and care that you need to be successful in any relationship. According The Multiple Colors of Love there was a dramatic change in attitudes from years past. A father had stated that it would be a problem to let his 15 year old daughter date a white guy even though her friends are multi-cultural, but the world has changed. This is a prime exa... ... middle of paper ... ...ether, dine together, work together; and we have equal rights and so much more. Things have really changed. We see that people who come from other cultural backgrounds have more and more opportunities in interacting within our society now then they have done years ago. MORE INFO!!!! The future for children of interracial relationships are brighter than it has ever been in the past. They have the opportunity to work at a better paying job just because some interracial people are bilingual and they can us this to translate so that whatever company that they work for do not have to hire another person to do that job. All these perspectives suggested in this paper suggest that interracial relationships have their challenges, but what might surprise people is that these challenges are actually a beautiful transformative gifts that in their wake can open our eyes.
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