Challenges Faced By Young Adults

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Our young adults today, are bombarded with numerous challenges. What can you do to help them encounter these obstacles and come up shining on the other side? What factors contribute to efficaciously disabling the ample hurdles that are thrown at our young adults today? Let’s discover together some of these life trials that many young adults meet today. More specifically, we will look into economic challenges, the peril of not having an established support network, and even the potential risks of not following God and how this can adversely affect how out young adults respond when faced with challenges. First, let’s consider the economic challenges that young adults face today. Most people would agree that young adults suffer the most with our current economic circumstances. With the rising costs of attending college many young adults ponder not even going at all. They don’t want to be an affliction on their families who are already struggling to make ends meet. Alexandria Walton Radford says in her article, 'No Point in Applying ': Why Poor Students Are Missing at Top Colleges, “…was confident she could be admitted to institutions with large price tags, she concluded there was “no point in applying” since she didn’t believe her family could foot the bill.” Perhaps they don’t know how to access financial aid or how to pursue scholarships. This is something that you can help them do. You can help them access and apply for scholarships. You can help them with the Financial Aid forms. Their success will be influenced by on your involvement! At this point, we’ll assume your loved one has completed college. Now What? They would undoubtedly like to acquire a career in the field of study they have just completed. How will they do... ... middle of paper ... ...ults that you have exposure to see the example of a life with God in the way you live. Encourage them to not only attend church, but to be involved in church. Mentor them so they can mature spiritually so that they may discover the meaning to their life and can apply these things to their own lives when making life decisions. In conclusion, I suggest that we all work together to minimize these challenges that young adults face today. Take the time to help them become successful adults. Be there to guide them through the economic challenges of entering into adulthood. Give them a huge support network so they know how to succeed in life. Mentor them spiritually so they may find meaning in their life. These tasks are not difficult, nor are they time consuming. Investing in the loved ones is crucial to their ability to face the challenges that they are faced with today.
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