Challenges Faced By A Registered Nurse

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Transitioning from a student to a practicing nurse is a confusing stressful experience. This transition from a student nurse to registered nurse is an essential goal; it involves a journey of discovery while preparing and adjusting for first year practice. However, there is a great proportion of new graduate nurses who change or leave their working positions a few months after being employed due to the challenges faced during the transition year. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to showcase ways of managing challenges met when applying for a registered nurse job such as the inability to find a job, lack of confidence during the interview process and poorly presented cover letters/resumes. The paper will also look at managing challenges faced by new registered nurses when completing their first six months of practice which include, high expectations, poor communication skills and not mention the issue of clinical decision-making to provide high-quality nursing care to patients. Challenges with applying for a Registered Nurse position Applying for a Registered Nurse (RN) position is quite challenging for the new RNs as the job market is very competitive, thus entailing graduate nurses to develop strategies for applying and securing their first job (Burton & Ormrod, 2011). One key challenge in applying for a registered nurse job is to know where to find a job, and identifying an opening or suitable job is also quite difficult for the graduate nurse without ample support or networks within the recruiting hospitals (Burton & Ormrod, 2011; Sherman & Dyess, 2010). Rhodes, Morris and Lazenby (2011) also did point out that, although new graduates send their applications to hospitals, it is not a guaranteed method of landing a register... ... middle of paper ... ...n attractive resume and cover letter. However, these require the nurse to join professional organisations and seek professional assistance. Also, it is essential to boost confidence by engaging in discussions with peers and professionals. It is also a challenge to complete the first six months as a registered nurse due to poor communication skills, higher expectations as well as applying critical thinking while in practice. Therefore, it is essential that the graduate nurse uses the mentors/preceptors assigned to them and learning more communication and interpersonal skills. They should also adhere to the nursing competency regulations set by the Nursing Board; use evidenced based research, be self-driven not only to meet personal and professional growth, but also to provide high-quality nursing care to patients.
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