Chain Stores are Beneficial

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Chain stores have been around for years and have been growing in popularity and have been improving the economy. However consumers of smaller stores are claiming that bigger chain stores are ruining the appeal of America and its streets. Even though it may be claimed that chain stores are ruining America; chain stores are not ruining America because the stores make money to fund the fixing and building of roads and provides products to all types of consumers. Giant chain stores are ruining America, because they kill off smaller businesses that help the community. “Smaller shops provide as much valuable services and products as supermarkets” (Owen). Smaller shops do provide as much products and are as efficient as big supermarkets and chain stores. Smaller stores also are nice and quaint. However, smaller stores do not make as much money as bigger chain stores and supermarkets and smaller stores will not be able to donate to big charities or pay off the taxes the government uses to fix roads. “Smaller businesses will be killed off” (Owen). Smaller stores have a small consumer base and the consumer base would be mad if bigger chain stores would kill off one of their favorite stores. Even though people protect their favorite stores, it would be more convenient for shoppers to buy everything they need from one store instead of rushing around town to different stores to buy only one product from each store. Even though smaller businesses are great and nice to have around, larger chain stores are more convenient and will earn more money. Wal-Mart has been innovating and have been trying to serve all kinds of consumers. “John Murphy, Wal-Mart’s regional vice president, wants to make the Montfort Drive Wal-Mart the first kosher-cer... ... middle of paper ... ...ent for consumers to buy all they need at one shop. Those big types of stores are less costly than smaller stores. They are trusted and famous and can build new communities. Chain stores are not ruining America. They are really benefiting America in many important ways. Works Cited Halkias, Maria. "Wal-Mart Store Is Clued In On Kosher: Far North Dallas Location Is Retailer's First To Cater To Jewish Diet." Dallas Morning News, The (TX) (2006): Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 25 Feb. 2014. O'Donnell, Jayne. "Retailers' Troubles Ripple across USA." USA Today n.d.: Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 24 Feb. 2014. Owen, David. "'This Will Ruin Our Street'." Leicester Mercury 20 Feb. 2007: 6. Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 25 Feb. 2014. Pothier, Mark. "Boston-Area Towns Seek New Life For Former Kmart Stores." Boston Globe (MA) (n.d.): Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 25 Feb. 2014.
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