Chad, a Poverty Stricken Country in Africa

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There are many problems the continent of Africa faces, for example, underdevelopment, AIDS, and a corrupt government. However, one issue that contributes to all these factors and plauges present day Africa is Poverty. Poverty is the state of being extremely poor. One of the poorest country located in Africa is Chad. Chad’s population of 11,227,208 people and an estimated 54 percent of chad’s peoples are living under the Poverty line. Many people in chad are living without clean water, food, electricity, homes, a decent education, also, medical help. Poverty in chad is very harsh and widespread.
This poverty has been caused by many things in Africa. Some of these things may date back to the period were slaves were being transported throughout the world, and things that could have been recent. For Chadians every year is unpredictable. One year there was a huge find of Oil that made Chad prosper, but that victory was short lived. According to Gfmag after the oil find, Chads GDP, Gross Domestic Product, was only based in the high thousands. Parents that are working get little pay, laborious work, and are not able to support their family. Children are often left unattended to roam the streets of of Chad and find or steal food for themselves. There are many factors that the chadians have to suffer from, the life expectancy is believed to be, as of 2011, 49 years old and a few months, making there little elderly within the country. So everyone is being affected by poverty in Chad.
Poverty is believed to start at the Southern part of its country. When French settlers came they came from the souther part of Chad and Pushed upward. From there the spread upward and took over most of the Chadian’s land This left many chadians of th...

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... limited amount of medical supplies are shipped into Chad. This creates many problems like, the spreading of diseases, infancy mortality, and other troubling issues.
In chad, a recorded half of its people are living in poverty. That is the count of the population of Los Angeles and California combined. Most Chadians have no source of clean water or decent food. The State of Chad is actually very poor and is deteriorating as time passes by. Increased infant and child mortality rates raise almost every three to two years. It’s people depend on a source of farming to secure the little necessities most of the people don’t have. The Health system is terrible. Chad has little to no physicians, there are are also many sickness and dissaes spreading at a rapid pace, not only does this make their life worse this also increases the amount of counted deaths in the country.
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