Century’s Project: The Marmaray Project

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Istanbul, world’s 4th most crowded city, has enormous traffic issues with an excessive amount of passengers travelling between the Asia and the Europe sides of the city every day (“Istanbul”). Before the project; citizens were disgruntled by the crowd in the two bridges between Asia and Europe, the time lost in the traffic and the troubled trip between sides. The government then planned an enormous project in detail and the idea of undersea rail travel in Istanbul became real in 2013 with the Marmaray Project (“Marmaray"). The innovative solution of the government aimed to create a new easy way to cross sides without ruining the fascinating view of the strait. Some citizens are now delighted with the project while others are worried about the rail line’s safety, but the designers and engineers assert that the latest technology is used to make the Marmaray line a safe and trustable rail line (F. Toprak). Like every project, this project also has some problems but the overall benefits of the rail line is so much more than its problems. Even though undersea travel looks dangerous; the Marmaray Project actually provides a fast, safe and comfortable trip while crossing sides. Istanbul, as told, is an extremely crowded city with over 14 million citizens living in just 5,343 square kilometers (“Istanbul”). Around 11.5 million passengers travel all around Istanbul every day (“İstanbul`da Toplu Taşıma”). The fact that the city is divided into two different sides by the Marmara Sea makes the traffic even worse. The 1.4 km long undersea tunnel is now operating in order to reduce the amount of traffic at the two Bosphorus bridges along with the underground tunnel. The total length of the rail line will be 76.3 km with 40 stations, but n... ... middle of paper ... ...with 36%. 88% of the participants think that Marmaray usage will increase which shows that the citizens are getting use to the idea of undersea travelling. Despite of newness and trust issues, the new undersea rail line offers a high-speed, technologic, well-planned, convenient and eco-friendly journey to all 14 million citizens of Istanbul including pregnant women, elders and disabled people. Even though 30% of the surveyed people think the line is unsafe, the other 70% thinks that it is beneficial and comfortable. 21st century’s project will doubtlessly keep on easing the lives of employees, children, disabled people and many others all around Istanbul. The Marmaray line not only serves as a mean of transport but it also makes it easier to live in a crowded city by changing the way you are living, changing your habits and using beneficial and fast transporting.

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