Central Fill Isn 't Working

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Central Fill Isn’t Working After a few disastrous weeks, the corporate office heard the complaints. It was their responsibility to protect the competence and culture of the organization so they initiated the necessary changes. One change included a function where the pharmacy could “pull back” a prescription that was being processed at central fill if the patient wanted the script that day. Although the function was beneficial to our patients, it appeared that we were pulling prescriptions back to fill at our pharmacy all the time the first month. It was not very efficient because even though we would pull the prescription back, if the script was already processed and filled at central fill, they would still deliver a duplicate script the following day. We were forced to add the duplicate medication to our inventory. That increased our inventory with medications that we weren’t dispensing. Patients were also disapproving that their prescriptions were being filled somewhere else. My manager had little hope as Walgreens previously tried a similar program that failed. Corporate wanted at least 40% of the prescriptions we filled daily to be filled at central fill. When the program first started, we were barely at 10%. 40% seemed impossible at that time. Corporate had power over each pharmacy so we were obligated to comply. Our manager believed that unless some drastic improvements were made to central fill, it was going to be a disastrous experiment. One evening, I was closing with my manager and from 9 to 10 p.m., it was just us performing the closing duties as usual when he received an e-mail from central fill. We had over 100 prescriptions ready to be delivered the next day from central fill when the facility was experiencing tech... ... middle of paper ... ...s throughout the company. That changed when Hy-Vee introduced their part-time bonus program where part-time employees received bonuses depending on how much the store made each quarter. It was a smaller percentage than what the full-time employees were getting but it was still extra money. That made all employees stakeholders. Using the stakeholder approach to effectiveness, Hy-Vee made me more attentive to how many scripts we filled and how successful the pharmacy was. Now that I had a stake in the organization, I was a more efficient employee. The program reflected Hy-Vee’s motto of being employee owned. To my knowledge, no other pharmacies give their students bonuses each quarter. Hy-Vee has a culture where everyone is treated like family. From our employees to our patients and customers, Hy-Vee is living their mission of “making lives easier, healthier, happier.”

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