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The centennial quilt was constructed by the students of Mississippi University for Women from 1983-1984. It was given as a gift to the university by the centennial charter class of 1984 as a part of the centennial celebration. As a rich piece of MUW history it should be preserved and taken care of for the next hundred years and beyond. Currently, the quilt has been left in a state of neglect that needs to be addressed. The quilt needs to be removed from its current housing and preserved so that it cannot only be remembered for a life time, but also seen by those who made it and remember its legacy. Currently the quilt is lying on its side with the front of the display case torn off. This has caused it to become subject to water damage as well as extreme heat and cold. This in turn has caused the quilt to become in dire need of conservation. In order to bring the quilt to where it needs to be it to start the conservation process, the staples will have to be removed from around the quilt so that it can be taken out of its current housing. It will then have to be sent off to a professional conservator in order for the quilt to be preserved and restored. After the restoration process is finished the quilt will either need new display storage that meets field standards so that it can once again be a part of the everlasting history of our campus or will need archival storage materials so that it can be stored along with other collections in the archives. Background The centennial quilt was started in the fall of 1983 in preparation for the centennial celebration of the university. A call was sent out to all campus organizations to commission squares for the quilt. In the end 30 squares where hand made for this project. Squares... ... middle of paper ... ... the tubing and the muslin cover. Either way that the quilt is kept after the conservation is done one important thing remains the same; if a disastrous event is to occur action should be taken immediately. With textiles the sooner that a problem can be addresses and solved the better chance of fixing it and less damage is likely to occur . This preservation program should be implemented because with the archives moving, and the thirtieth anniversary of the centennial quilt next year it is a great chance to revitalize something that not only meant a great deal to the university, but to its’ alums as well. The centennial quilt on display will draw alums to the archives in order to revisit their past, and might even give us more information on some of the pieces in the archives. After all it is the students and alumni that have made this university what it is today.

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