Censorship in School Newspaper

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This weeks essay is about censorship in school newspapers.

When I first thought of the idea of writing about it, I thought it would be

easier than the last one we did about gun control. And it turned out it was a

little bit easier in writing it because in this one I don’t have to ramble about

all the statistics that I learned about the subject and end up boring the class to

a almost certain drowsy state. Which in my opinion isn’t exactly what I am

looking to do when I am writing a report. Instead I intend to inform and at

the same time entertain the reader. If there were very extreme censorship

laws in what I can write in a report then I couldn’t very well do my job as a

writer. This is where my subject comes in. The first Amendment, as

everyone knows, states that we have the freedom of speech, religion, and

stuff like that. But doesn’t the constitution also states that there are laws

against indecent acts that were to be decided as the years went on that would

become “inappropriate” in places to do, which just weren’t accepted. So

which is true? That we have the freedom to state what ever is on our minds

or that we can only say what is on our minds only if it is “appropriate”. This

question in my opinion will be in a constant debate and probably will never

be fully answered because, we as a society have such a diverse opinions on

even the smallest things. What are the chances of us deciding on what is

“appropriate” and what it not, much less if it is “appropriate” to do, to talk

about, to look at or anything else like that at our public schools. In my

opinion it really shouldn’t matter what we learn or talk about in school. If I

learn something I don’t believe in my heart me reading it or memorizing it

isn’t going to brain wash me into believe it much less offend me. So why

does anyone actually care what we learn in school? Because like I said

earlier we as a whole in the United States are just WAY TOO picky about

what we have offered to us that is basically free. For instance here is a little

scenario for you to ponder, and you tell me when you start to think it gets

offensive. Okay here it goes, good students at school decide to start a

writers club at school with the permission of teachers and parents.
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