Censorship in Radio and T.V.

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As of today it's often said that from the blurry images on tv to the blanked out words on the radio, that censorship is usually been seen everywhere. It can be described as the act or practice of putting down material allow obnoxious on moral, political, military, and other grounds. Censorship has been around forever and has been done by different groups, such as there has been government, sometimes you see religious groups, corporations, and mass media. Censorship is also seen in every country and each of them may have its own guidelines in regards to censorship. There are so many reasons there are for censoring, because they do not want hidden government ideas to be put out to the public, so they don't give out false information. There are many people out there that think censorship is a good thing. But also others think that it it just wrong. All the censorships actually fall into a type of category. There are multiple types of censorship, each belonging to a different category there is moral censorship, also you have military censorship, political censorship, and religious censorship. Moral censorship is the removal of materials that are obscene or otherwise considered morally questionable. So many things are in this category for example works of art, graphic violence, drug use, bad language, and others. Moral censorship is one of the most common types of censorship and one of the most debatable seen in the world today. Another type of censorship is military censorship, which is censoring in order to keep military intelligence and tactics confidential and out of the enemies hands. An example of military censorship would be preventing the press from releasing certain types of media coverage to the public. But usually this type... ... middle of paper ... ...e Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty Ghosts for the mature audience. But yet you still hear about kids playing this game. GTA is all about shooting, killing and doing insane things. And on Call of Duty Ghosts they make different types of missions. Before you even start a match as they call it you go through the different types of guns and tactical you can choose from. So during the game you can call a helicopter to drop a bomb and it will kill all the people. Which doesn't make any sense, and this is where censorship would come in and try to band these games from kids. But everyone knows that wouldn't do but so much because the mature audience want this game so it is going to stay in the market, parents could try to fight to get it banned but i'm sure they would lose. So basically what I am trying to get at is that censorship is a good and bad thing at the same time.
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