Censorship and Banning of Books

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Censorship can be traced back to the ancient times of BC. It is the act or practice of making the freedom of speech socially acceptable morally, politically, and objectively. Today censorship is displayed in media, television, music, and other forms of universal entertainment. Society has more so became lenient with the amount of censorship compared to years and decades ago, which is becoming controversial. The amount of censorship we include in childrens lives, as well as others makes a difference in today's society.
To begin, in music there are many genres for different preferences of sound. With rap music there tends to be more "bleeping" than other genres. Bleeping and censoring music comes from the vulgar language used, racist remarks, or anything considered offensive. Although music is censored on the radio, there are currently no laws regarding censorship with music. The only thing that the government can do regarding censorship with music and artist is the label found on most c.ds that warns explicit content and parental advisory. Even music produced on stations such as XM radio, are not censored and do not have any type of censorship. Furthermore, we are faced with our own decisions of what we choose to hear or listen to. Although some things we can not control to hear, we have choices in what we actually listen to.
In example as a child, I remember my mother had different channels on our television blocked so that I could not watch them. Before I cracked the password to them being blocked, I was so curious of what could have been that horrible for me to see. So with television, shows, and movies aired daily for the entire world to see there is optional censorship for parents to choose and mandatory censorship already p...

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... it too vulgar and obscene to read. “It’s 10 bucks, chief. I tole ya that. Ten bucks for a throw, fifteen bucks til noon. I tole ya that” (Salinger 101).
In conclusion, censorship is all regards with how much or how little it is monitored. As children grow, it is important for parents, teachers, and other adult figures in their lives to be responsible for what they are exposed to. Children as they grow are like an open book, so what they witness and hear follows them and is tracked down in the pages of their mind. Although we have freedom of speech in America, we also have a right to monitor what we as people are and are not comfortable with.

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