Censorship Is Not the Solution to Violence

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When the founding fathers were writing our Nation’s Declaration of Independence they included our basic rights as citizens. Do you think they planned for our country being the way it is today? The First Amendment, in our Constitution has five basic freedoms: speech, religion, press, petition, and assembly. In this amendment, our Founding Fathers gave us the permission to express ourselves in almost every way possible. Censorship is when the government puts a ban on parts of movies, books etc… which the government decides is inappropriate or unacceptable (Fact Cite). Censorship is one thing that violates our first amendment rights. Our nation is losing the battle on censorship, and it is becoming an issue. What would have happened if we did not have people in history who wrote against the government and the people in it, or people who stood up for themselves in the Civil Rights Movement, if none of that ever happened we would still be a part of the British Empire, and having our afternoon tea and crumpets. Our freedom of Speech. Freedom of Press and our literature should not be censored by our government
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the exercise of free speech, press, or of the right of people to assemble and petition” (Miller). The Constitution of the United States says that congress cannot make any laws that would question our rights. Censorship questions those rights. Granted that slander, libel, obscenity, sedition are not protected under our five freedoms of the first amendment as said in the court case Chaplinksky versus New Hampshire (ProQuest Staff) we should be able to anything in the media we want to as long as we do not break those laws. People have the r...

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