Censorship Argumentative Essay

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Snigdha Suvarna Mrs. Szachta English 10 Honors 23 May 2014 The Benefits of Censorship Censorship is a major controversial topic in our society and brings up many political and moral arguments. The main debate that everyone argues and discusses on is whether censorship is morally and politically correct. Because of our current society and culture, people around the world are constantly being exposed to inappropriate and potentially harmful content. Due to this major issue, it is necessary to censor these events for the well being of upcoming future generations. To begin with, it is necessary to understand the definition of censorship in order to make any arguments or assumptions. “Without proper understanding of the word” it can potentially be harmful for society (Wilson para.1). First one must understand the two different types of censorships present. It is stated that when a newspaper decides not to run a particular picture it is called editing, but when a school district pulls a book from a library it is called censoring. The understanding if this difference is crucial to the understanding of censorship. First and foremost, it is our society’s duty to shield children from viewing inappropriate and malicious content. Children are like sponges and they absorb everything around them with no filter. When a sponge gets too wet it is not needed and discarded. In the same way children with too much useless information can be detrimental to society and will eventually be, in a way, thrown away. Inappropriate content can constantly be found online, in the media, art and other sources of entertainment. These sources contains information that brainwash children’s minds and once they are exposed to such content it can never be erase... ... middle of paper ... ...ppropriate ten years ago might be appropriate today. One example of this was when the books Heather has Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate were releases. These books were the two most popular targets for removal from library shelves in 1993. The reason for this was because they discussed topics on homosexual relationships which was considered inappropriate in 1993. Today in 2014 the popular children’s television network, Disney Channel, presented a homosexual couple on the popular show “Good Luck Charlie”. Ultimately, censorship is a major controversial topic that affects people’s political and moral views. Because our current culture is full of explicit and inappropriate material it is society’s “responsibility to ensure everyone is granted access to the best education” and future, but at the same time keep up with the world’s evolution. (Wilson para.10).
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