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Censorship is one of the most heatedly debated topics in America today. Censorship exists in several forms, ranging anywhere from censorship in the media to the banning of books. The question on whether censorship is ethical or not, has been asked all throughout history, stemming from the times of ancient Rome. Now in the 21st century, America faces new, and old, problems pertaining to censorship such as its violation of human rights, this is because censorship impairs an individual's freedom of speech and press. Also censorship has negative effects on art and human expression, as it creates boundaries on an artist's’ creativity, thus effecting the multimedia industry. On a societal scale, censorship prevents students from learning about the harsh realities that exist outside of a controlled school environment, leading to ignorant and naive adults. Censorship should not exist in America, as it is unconstitutional, takes away the true meaning of an artist's’ intentions, and works to make future generations ignorant.
The Constitution is the highest form law in America. The laws within are rarely contested, however, censorship tends to impede on this pattern. The First Amendment of the Constitution states,” Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech. or of the press…”(Charters), meaning there cannot be any laws enacted that will interfere with an individuals’ freedom of speech or press. Yet, this is exactly what censorship in all forms works to do. When censorship blocks out certain phrases from a book, or banning an entire book all together, it is going against the constitution, as both the author and reader have the right to say and speak their mind. In response to the heavy crackdown on censorship as of late, man...

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...erica as it goes against the Constitution, hurts artistic creativity, and works to make upcoming generations oblivious to real world scenarios. Censorship in the eyes of Americans has always received negative responses as they feel it truly does impede on their rights granted to them by the Constitution. Censorship in multimedia throughout human history has always been based on free human expression, but censorship alters its definition completely by letting the government pick and choose what is seen by the public and what is not. Last off, the next generation will become single minded and ignorant if vital information containing previous experiences are eradicated through censorship. While censorship has existed for over 21 centuries, it must end soon, before it works to stop human progression altogether, by turning diverse human beings into single minded robots.
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