Cellphones Are The Major Distraction On The Road

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Cell Phone Are the Main Distraction on the Road In today’s society most people have become very attached to their cell phones. Cell phone has become a large part of people's lives because it helps people with everyday task such as communicating and keeping in touch with others. According to Weller (2012), people who have strong attachment to their phones are more likely to use it often. People use their cell phone everywhere they go, even while driving. However, the main problem with using cellphones in a car causes distraction to people. Taking on the cellphone while driving can cause people to react slower to changes in their environment, such as swerving. A few seconds of looking down can be the moment were someone pull out in front of another car. According to "Harvard Center for Risk Analysis approximately 2,600 die each year as a result of using cell phone while driving" (as cited in Wu & Weseley, 2013, p.x…….). The more people use their cell phone while driving, the more likely it can create an accident. Cellphones are great for communicating with people, but they pose a risk. Using a cellphone while driving can effect attention and decrease driving performance, more than any other. People are not so good at multitasking because our brain cannot do everything at once. How do pay attention to cellphones? Cellphones are always at people's side to check email, look at Facebook, Twitter, or to text. People regularly engage in a wide variety of multitasking activities when they are behind the wheel. However, cell phones can are different type of distraction. When people are talking on their phones, they ignore the passenger when they talk. Cell phones decrease communication between the passenger and person on the phone... ... middle of paper ... ... been research how drunk drivers are the same as people using cellphones. According to Strayer (2006), drivers who were conversing with cellphones, their braking reactions were delay and were involved in car accidents. However, drivers who were under the influence were more likely to drive aggressive and brake very close to the driver ahead of them. Drunk drivers driving performance decrease as well as a driver with a cellphone because their minds are off and are not focus around the road. However, there was a difference on the distance between the drunk driver and cellphone drivers. Drivers who use cellphone had longer distance between them and the car ahead of them. This shows how their mind is going slow and cannot multitask as much. Drivers can only multitask by doing two things at once, instead of doing everything at once. The similarities of DUI a cell phone
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