Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned

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Cells Phones Should Be Allowed In Schools Many have debated if cell phones should be allowed in school. Elementary through middle school should not be allowed to have cell phones at their access at all time because they are children who need to focus solely on school. Cells for them would be a distraction. As for high school students, they have different needs for a phone. One of the reason is because of emergencies. Second reason is cell phones teach students responsibility. Thirdly, cell phones avoids the double standard of administration having, while student are forbidden. As a result, students should be allowed to have cell phones in high school. Have you ever been the parent that worries excessively? No or yes, what if was the case that your child had a school threat? Would you want to have to go through the school? No, you want to contact your child directly. You can if they were able to have their cell phones. Their parents can reach them immediately rather than worry their brain out. Children have said, “I have been sick all day but I could not call my parent because my...
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