Cell Phone Use in Society Today

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Cell Phone Use In Society Today Cell phones have become more of a necessity for many people throughout the world. Having the ability to keep in touch with family, business associates, and access to email. (Kingston, K.). In Today’s world, cell phones are advanced and capable of not only receiving and placing phone calls, but storing data, taking photographs, equipped with GPS, and even maybe make it useful as a walkie talkie to name a few available options on your cell phone. It can be used for emergency calls, allow you to to reach someone quickly and could possibly save lives. However, the importance of this can go beyond personal safety. Cell phones allows to find locations around the world and allows the cell phone to be found in case of a loss or emergency. Thesis- Cell phones have served to damage people’s written communication skill. Availability of Cell Phones Changed Society Cell phones have been around for decades. Cell phones were first used in mobile rigs, in taxis, police cars, and other emergency vehicles and situations (Chowdhury, R). The public was introduced to the first generation phone in 1983. These cell phones had small batteries but as society went growing it went getting bigger. As phones became wireless they shrank in sizes and increase sudden ability as tech improved. The startling idea of data services was not thought of, most inclusion areas were for enormous cities and interstate. (Walz,2011). Cell phones changed society as humans look at it, it’s everywhere we go everyone has a phone on them meaning you can stay in contact with the person no matter how far of a distance you are. Cell phones allow us to save money in terms of long distances because now in days we have a plan we can give our c... ... middle of paper ... ...-blog/the-age-of-distraction-getting-students-to-put-away-their-phones-and-focus-on-learning/ Emigh, J. (2010, july 18). Americans increasingly use cell phones for texting, twittering, photos and videos, survey says. Americans Increasingly Use Cell Phones for Texting, Twittering, Photos and Videos, Survey Says. Retrieved from phone Mobile Twitter Video Pictures Statistics Survey Pew Crites, H. (2014). Technology use and abuse. Retrieved from Conclusion Halsey, A. (2012, May). Texting and distracted driving infographic. Retrieved from Using mobile phones [Web log message]. (2012, jan 4). Retrieved from

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that cell phones have become more of a necessity for many people throughout the world.
  • Advises that teens should avoid cell phones and go out to distract themselves. clubs for education, reading dissimilar books, and exercise are all good ways to forget about phones being in the pocket.
  • Opines that if adults use their phones more than teens, then who's responsible?
  • Describes ways your phones can affect your health.
  • Cites med, o. alterations in tsh and thyroid hormones following mobile phone use.
  • Explains that cell phones have been around for decades. they were first used in mobile rigs, taxis and police cars.
  • Explains that cell phone abuse is an addiction to the internet capability allowing any social networking to go on anywhere, anytime. when cellphones are being used properly, they may be wonderful.
  • Explains that young adults from ages 18 to 29 are more likely than other age groups to engage in all of the mobile data. cell phone apps are growing fast through 30 to 49 year olds.
  • Explains how cell phone use can turn into an abuse or even an addiction. research and studies have documented addictive behavior and attempted to differentiate between problematic use and mere excitement or engagement.
  • Explains the age of distraction: getting students to put away their phones and focus on learning.
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