Cell Phone Usage While Driving

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Cell Phone Usage While Driving should be Illegal in all States Most drivers experience the urge of picking up the phone to text or to talk while driving on the road. But does the thought of other driver’s lives could be at risk? Driving while talking or texting on the phone is life threatening. States have to put a stop to cell phone usage in order for people to see the possible occurrences of unsafe driving. Some states have already put a stop to cell phones, but not every state. To prevent fatal accidents, all states should illegalize the usage of phones while driving. Some believe banning cell phones is not necessary. Roff from U.S. News responded, “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that in 2011 there were 3,000 fatal accidents resulting from ‘distracted driving,’ which could be anything from talking on a cell phone to eating to putting on make up to screaming at the kids for making too much noise to fiddling with the GPS system in heavy traffic. By putting the blame on a single technology rather than on the bad choices made by individual drivers, where it belongs, LaHood is missing the mark. (Roff).” Drivers make a decision to use the phone while driving, not the technology. From this statement, banning cell phones is ridiculous based on the fact that there are other distractions that can take the driver’s eyes off the road. There are so many ways drivers are distracted besides using a cell phone. People easily look at the stores or restaurants that are on the side of the road which throws off their attention to the road. Also, passengers in the car can disturb the driver from driving safely. Cell phones are not the only distractions to deter people from unsafely driving. ... ... middle of paper ... ...ones actually do. Simple mistakes happen such as taking one or both hands off the steering wheel or taking their eyes off the road just to look at the phone. In matter of seconds an accident could occur just for those simple mistakes that has a physical along with a visual effect. When using a cell phone while driving, there are lives at risk of getting into an accident. Illegalizing phones will prevent fatal accidents or serious injuries. Many drivers are distracted by phones whether receiving a call or text message. There are teenagers who are the leaders of driving while a cell phone. In addition, drivers are physically also visually affected by using a cell phone while driving. No one wants to get into accident, but to get to their destination safely. All states need to ban cell phone usage while driving to keep all drivers safe on the road.
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