Cell Phone Manufacturing: Iphone and Samsung

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In other words, “Samsung sold more phones while trying to use less money into marketing with business earnings grew from the previous quarter driven by an increase in smartphone sales and decreased marketing expenses," Hyun Joon Kim, the Samsung's vice president of mobile planning told analysts. Then research firms underscored or valued the two companies' divergent financial performance to find the diversity in sales with units shipped, regarding to the Cable New Network (CNN) website which was given above. "Samsung shipped smartphones almost two times more and grew nine times faster than Apple during the quarter," said Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Mawston in a report digging into the first quarter. Another research firm, Juniper Analytics, estimates Samsung shipped 68 million smartphones during the first quarter, accounting for approximately 34% of the 200 million smartphones sold. In contrast, Apple Company sold 37 million iPhones during the same quarter of the year. The quarter met with the guidance Samsung had earlier provided, but it was all the more impressive because the company pulled it off despite being forced to pay out an estimated $600 million to Apple, and even before it dropped its next-generation smartphone, the S4 (which just went on sale over the weekend in the United States). The S4 is expected to keep the Samsung streak going, and one would think ought to light a fire beneath Apple. Apple has resisted bigger, and cheaper phones as the updated strategies during Samsung makes a variety of other features on the unique Smartphone. Apple has stubbornly resisted offering a lower-priced iPhone, or a handset with a significantly larger screen-size (older, discounted models don't count as a true lower pric... ... middle of paper ... ... of life to be better with other important social activity, for example spend more time to read book, do gardening, do housework, or help parents to do anything after studying. In addition, if the smartphone model is updated, it obviously means the number of Smartphone manufacturing also increases. Then that means both companies will get more profit from launching new models and even the employees might also get some more compensations from the companies for achievements. The economy of the companies will get more profit even if one company gets more profits that another one. Contrarily, that will probably weaken the economic of all the demanders or users. Fortunately, “Samsung is spanking Apple in earnings, sales” seems not to affect to any political issues or airline industry of any countries. So the author would be pleased to not analyze for these two impacts.
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