Cell Culture: Henrietta Lacks

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Cell Culture was first practice with cells of a donor named Henrietta Lacks in the early 1900’s. Cells primarily originated from complex multi-cellular organisms such as animals. Mammalian cells are grown in controlled environments that are generally outside of the cells natural environment because their easiest to grow and maintain when constantly checked for having the correct nutrients and right conditions. Controlled environment that these cells are cultured in mimics the conditions of the human body. This allows for a constant supply of cells to be used for experiments such as observing the effects of certain drug reactions to the cell or even just studying the components of the cell to better understand the organism it was derived from. Several approaches to obtain cells can be manually automated, enzymatic, or even from existing cell lines and cell strains. For example, • Cell Line- Cell lines are mostly infinite in that it has a limited life span because each cell only divides a limited number of times before the ability to proliferate is lost. The cells with the highest gro...
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