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Salsa is one of the most distinctive genres of the 1900s in the music industry; characterized by a very lively, powerful and danceable upbeat. Salsa is a fusion of many Latin musical genres that combines rhythms, instruments and musical elements primarily from the Cuban son based on a three-two beat with syncopation rhythmic pattern known as the clave and Afro-Cuban dance. The roots of salsa originated in Eastern Cuba, but by mid-century the Havana came to be home to this music and many foreign musical genres such as the American Jazz and popular music. Even though, salsa genre has evolved differently across Latin America with the unique sounds of their country of origin, such the Colombian salsa and Puerto Rican salsa, it is still today the most popular style of dance in many Hispanic communities
In the early 1960s important political changes took place in Cuba with the communist Fidel Castro taking power over the country; therefore, forcing many Cubans including musicians such as Celia Cruz internationally known as the “Queen of Salsa” to immigrate to the United States, especially ...

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