Celebrity Obsessed Media: Effect on Society

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In modern Britain, we live in a celebrity obsessed society powered by the media. Everywhere you see a celebrity’s face, whether it’s plastered across magazines or advertising the latest product. Many people, particularly teenagers, aspire to be like the celebrities they obsess over and it completely controls their lives. However, many famous people have a positive effect on society by being excellent role models and inspiring people to follow their dreams. So does a celebrity obsessed media have a positive or negative effect on society as a whole?

The media’s portrayal of celebrities could be seen as a major contributing factor to the body image problems that many teenagers face. Unrealistic images heavily tampered with airbrushing are viewed by millions every day, leading to self-consciousness and low self-esteem. Women in particular are faced with feeling they aren’t pretty or skinny enough and that they therefore cannot be happy. It isn’t surprising that an increasing number of people battle eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Extreme dieting and exercise does little to achieve the ideal body when it never truly exists in the first place, but young people especially are desperate to fit in, forsaking both their physical and emotional health. Rachel Johnson, an anorexia survivor, spoke about her mind-set when she was first admitted to hospital.

“My obsession at the time was Victoria Beckham. I would cut out images of her body and stick my face on the top. I would write underneath, “This is what you have to be – she’s perfect”

From 13 Rachel idolised excessively slim models and felt the media’s portrayal of them as beautiful was partly responsible for her illness. Would so many people feel unhappy about themsel...

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...on ultimately has the biggest impact on the nation. Celebrities can be great role models for young people by showcasing their determination and charitable work. On the other hand, the media pushing the idea that skinny is beautiful is alarming and although celebrities aren’t the direct cause of this, many don’t use the media to speak out against it. The worst actions of celebrities are often the ones highlighted in magazines, leading to people thinking that it’s alright to be unfaithful, for example. Likewise, the media drives obsessions without thought for the consequences. If the media has such an influence on society and knows it, shouldn’t they be more careful to provide a positive guidance instead of worrying about potential profit?

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