Celebration Of The Holy Spirit

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The role of celebration has traditionally played an important role in Afracian-American preaching. Frank A. Thomas defines celebration as “the culmination of the sermonic design, where a moment is created in which the remembrance of a redemptive past and/or the conviction of a liberated future transforms the events immediately experienced.”1 Celebration is an emotional moment when the Holy Spirit takes center stage to effect change based on the established cognitive logic presented within the message on the good news of the Gospel in the Bible. The celebration should come out of or lead to life transformation through encountering the Holy Spirit that lead to deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. The goal of preaching is to lead to life transformation…show more content…
This is not merely a cerebral process achieved through the presentation of facts, but it requires a emotional and spiritual encounter with the Holy Spirit. This process is best achieved through an appeal to the senses that helps congregants experience the Bible. As Thomas states, “If we want people to experience rather than solely intellectualize the good news, then we must construct sermons that help people see, taste, hear, touch, and feel the gospel.”2 The greatest motivation for life transformation is through personal identification with Gospel and the presented need for Jesus Christ. This occurs the the engagement of the senses so that individuals become emotionally involved in the story of God presented in the Bible leading to them, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to find their place with the continually unfolding story of God at work in the world…show more content…
The focus of the book on preaching that leads to the celebration of the good news of the Gospel profoundly impacts the approach every preach takes to sharing the Gospel. The desire to invite people into the Gospel story and walk away celebrating the good news that Jesus Christ has come that all might come to know His grace and have a restored relationship with God should be the focus of every sermon. However, all too often preachers get side tracked with other agendas that detract from the good news. Thomas ' homiletic presented in chapter five is also very beneficial in creating a process through which sermons that lead to celebration can be formed. Thomas “The Preaching Worksheet”4 is particularly useful in helping preachers collect their thoughts before beginning the writing process and ensuring that the sermon will be balanced in the presentation of the problem of sin and the promise of grace leading to a desire response and
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