Causese Essay: Causes And Effects Of Alcohol Abuse

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Cause and Effect of Alcohol Abuse
Enjoying an alcoholic drink moderately is not bad on occasion, but it may have health benefits. Many people use alcohol as an escape route from personal and social pressures that lead to abuse. Abuse of alcohol can lead to alcoholism or alcohol addiction, in which that person becomes physically dependent on alcohol to where they cannot function without it. Not only is the health of that individual at risk, but alcohol causes a destructive behavior, such as driving under the influence and domestic violence. Drinking large quantities of alcohol leads to binge drinking which not only carries a serious risk of harm it is the most common factor to alcohol poisoning.
Binge drinking is a form of alcohol abuse where an individual drinks more than the five alcoholic drinks in a 2 hour time period or less. There are many reasons that people become binge drinkers. Some may say they do it because it is fun, but they do not realize the consequences that they are putting upon themselves. They also say that they want to socialize and feel more self-confident, while others want to forget their problems. Again, peer pressure is another big issue when it comes to many teens and young adults. They are seeking to rebel, and fit
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It also affects the health of people who don’t even realize that they are sick. Alcohol abuse is a disease, that damages the lives of so many. In addition, it has negatively impacted families and is a popularly cited reason for domestic violence. Alcoholics always want to be right, so anyone in their way is going to get the wrath. It also lowers a person’s dignity because most drunks do not even realize what they are doing. Alcohol lowers concentration, lowers reflex and response time and causes poor coordination in the brain. Understanding alcoholism is a long process and there are many factors that contribute to

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