Causes of the Civil War

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Missouri Compromise (1820) When Missouri applied for statehood as a slave state, there was much debate as the balance of slave and free states would be tipped over in favor of the slave states. This would give the South more power in the Senate. One solution by the House was to pass an amendment that would enter Missouri as a slave state, but Missouri could not bring more slaves in and that slave children would be set free. However, this amendment was not passed in the Senate. Another solution to this problem was created by Henry Clay called the Missouri Compromise. This would allow Missouri to be slave state, but would enter Maine as a free state to balance the number of slave and free states. It also restricted slavery north of 36 30’ latitude which was Missouri’s southern border. Congress approved, and passed the Missouri Compromise in 1820. The states were balanced, but this compromise was a factor for the civil war because the North was still against the expansion of slavery. Southern citizens also opposed it because it allowed Congress to make laws regarding slavery. These arguments over slavery would still continue even though the states were balanced. Later on, the Kansas- Nebraska act repealed this compromise as it allowed popular sovereignty to decide whether Kansas and Nebraska (both above the 36 30’ line) would be slave or free states. The Dred Scott decision even stated that the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional by the Fifth Amendment which prevented Congress from depriving people of their property (slaves) without the due process of law. Though there was not much dispute at the time of the Compromise, it would later serve as a problem being repealed and called unconstitutional. Kansas Nebraska Act/ Bleeding... ... middle of paper ... ...ave. In late 1860 through 1861, Southern states began to secede from the US as the constitution of the Confederate States of America gave citizens the right to own slaves. They even elected their own president, Jefferson Davis. Jefferson Davis wanted to secede from the Union peacefully, but the problem of federal property arose. Forts were federal property, but the South would not give them up easily. Since the Harpers Ferry raid, Southern states began to prepare for battle knowing that there was much tension between the North and South. They saw that the North would do anything to get rid of slavery. Also, Lincoln’s stubbornness to bring the Confederate States back into the Union without slavery caused the Confederacy to start taking military outposts, arsenals, and federal mint. Eventually, South Carolina attacked Fort Sumter which directly caused the Civil War.
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