Causes of the American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a very complex situation with no one single cause. Like many of the major shifts in the global political history, from the Fall of the Roman Empire, to First World War - there was no one single event or driver. This thesis holds true for the American Revolution too. I believe there were several major causes of the American Revolution which included: 1) tighter controls through the laws that British Parliament made (which took away some of their “natural rights”), 2) new taxes the British placed over the colonies, and finally) a growing sense of national unity. There were also a number of minor causes that intensified the situation, but alone would unlikely the driven the situation.

Firstly, I think colonists thought that their freedoms that they originally had when they have moved to the colonies were taken way with new laws and taxes made by the British Parliament. These new laws included Proclamation of 1763 (which banned settlement West of Appalachian Mountains), Sugar Act of 1764 (a tax placed on imported sugar and molasses), Quartering Act of 1765 (which required Colonists to house British soldiers) and the Stamp Act (which was a tax on all official & legal documents). However, I think the most notable change was the Declaratory Act (to enforce the Proclamation of 1763). The Declaratory came in the wake of the Stamp Act being repealed and was an even harsher Act of Parliament that made a bad situation much worse and increased tensions. In this act Parliament declared its total control over colonies. All these examples show that they annoyed the colonies and made them want to become independent from the British. Even in Britain, 200 years earlier under King Henry VIII increased controls against...

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...ica had been settled by dissenters and radicals and the descendants of these had inherited the spirit of liberty.

In conclusion I believe that it was the sense of nation identity and tighter British control which caused the revolution. The British raised tensions and effectively forced the situation. However the passage of 100 years and an evolving people and institutions was a major factor too. The result was that the two people had grown apart unconsciously to such an extent that they failed to understand each other. History throughout the world shows that when this occurs - separation and conflict often occurs. In short, the attitude of the British forced the situation (negative driver), whereas the changing attitudes and sense of empowerment of the American drove the change (positive driver). The American Revolution occurred because both factors were in place.
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