Causes of the American Revolution

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There was many factors that led the colonists to declare their independence from Great Britain. One bold factor that really made them mad was taxation without representation. Taxation is the act of taxed, but what were they being taxed for? While Great Britain and France were fighting over the empire between 1754 and 1763 let Great Britain in great dept. They didn't only have to worry about paying off the dept but their new territory between the Appalachian and Alledheny mountains. Looking for friendship through the proclamation towards the Native American caused a huge problem. The colonies protested that they were taking away their land for settlement. Great Britain thought the colonist benefited from all of this that should may the cost. Parliament passed another law in 1765, called the Stamp Act. The stamp act is when stamps are placed on many different types of articles and documents. So when you would buy it a direct tax went straight to the government. Many were upset by the extra charges and formed a boycott. A boycott is the refusal to buy British goods-until Parliament repealed the law. Eventually they took down the stamp act, but shortly replaced it with the Townshed acts. The Townsheds Acts placed duties on glass, paper, paint, and even tea. They weren't able to collect the taxes so they dropped the tax on everything but tea. The Parliament left the tax on tea to prove to the colonist that they had the Right to tax them. Upset and angry the colonist formed boycotts and caused violence. The first public protest happened in 1765 in Virginia at the House of Burgesses. Patrick Henry protested against the Parliaments actions. He said that "no taxation without representation." This statement means that they didn't have anyon... ... middle of paper ... ...rted to bribe the colonist so they would switch sides. All they had to do was fight. The British started telling African Americans that if they helped, they would be free after the war. Women were used as spies and medical aid during the war. They also ran farms and businesses while their husbands were away. The Treaty of Paris is when then the Americans were granted independence and new land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River. All of these effects prove that the Americans were motivated to succeed and be able to live how they desire. Most of all this shows that all the time that the British forced their way into something, they created a bigger wedge between the colonist and themselves. So when the British kept on placing more laws on top of the colonist it just made it worst. The colonist proved to me that if you put your mind to it you will succeed.
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