Causes of the American Civil War

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Abraham Lincoln, President of the North and Jefferson Davis, President of the South were both from the state of Kentucky (PBS). The Civil War was one of the bloodiest wars ever and it was a very important five years in American history. The Civil War was caused by sectionalism, lifestyle, secession, and slavery, was impacted by Southern and Northern leaders, was fought in many battles and as a result started the Reconstruction era in America. Two of the leaders in the South were Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee and in the North the Union was led by Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. Some of the major battles during the Civil War were Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Appomattox. The Civil War was caused by four main things. Sectionalism was one of the main causes of the Civil War. The Southern states believed in state's rights and believed that a law not stated in the Constitution belonged to their state government and not the national government. Northerners thought that the national government should pass laws for all the people in the country and only the Court could remove it. The Kansas-Nebraska Act widened the differences between the North and South by saying states could decide to be a free or slave state. This angered the Northerners because they felt it stripped the national government of power. The Fugitive Slave Law required all citizens of the United States of America to catch runaway slaves. The North hated this because if they didn't catch the slaves they could be imprisoned and face fines (Wise). Sectionalism caused the North and South to have division due to the government and the power they should or should not have over states. Sectionalism divided the North and South which helped to cause the Civil ... ... middle of paper ... reunite the split country (Reconstruction). The Civil War was a long hard fought war that ultimately changed the U.S. forever. Works Cited "Abraham Lincoln Biography." A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 26 Nov. 2013. "America's Battlegrounds." Council on Foreign Relations. Council on Foreign Relations, n.d. Web. 28 Nov. 2013. "Battle of Gettysburg." A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 28 Nov. 2013. PBS. PBS, n.d. Web. 26 Nov. 2013. "Reconstruction." Howard University, n.d. Web. 31 Nov. 2013. Sauers, Richard Allen. America's Battlegrounds: Walk in the Footsteps of America's Bravest. Pleasantville, NY: Reader's Digest Association, 2005. Print. Wertz, Jay. The Civil War Experience. London: Carlton, 2007. Print. Wise, Robyn. "Causes of the Civil War." Front Range Christian School, Littleton. 18-19 Nov. 2013. Lecture.

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