Causes of World War II

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During the period from 1919-1939 the Germans were compelled to deal with the Treaty of Versailles, a document formed solely by the Allied powers to discipline Germany. Even as the people of world marveled at the end of the “war to end all wars” and thought joyously that such a war would never be fought again, they had no idea that an even greater war was brewing, a war whose origins came in the form of the Versailles treaty. World War II was certainly no inevitable war, but a result of numerous years of German pride and contempt towards rivals building up as a result of the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles helped cause World War II through three main atrocities towards the German People. The first cause of World War II was the fact that the Treaty of Versailles took away valuable, natural resource rich land away from Germany. The second cause of the war was that the Treaty of Versailles heavily restricted the number of troops that Germany was allowed to have. Thirdly, the Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to pay numerous reparations that added to upwards of $700 billion dollars (Document C). The root of the war was undoubtedly the Treaty of Versailles, which heavily punished Germany while virtually ignoring other responsible countries like Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria. As a result of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was forced to give up some of the vital parts of its country that were extremely rich in resources. For example, Germany lost the Polish Corridor and large parts of southwestern Germany (Document A). Additionally, the Treaty of Versailles took Alsace and Lorraine away from Germany, territories that bordered Germany’s rival France (Document A). This egregious act caused Germany to lose 40% of its coal... ... middle of paper ... ...vent culminated in 1933 when Hitler came to power and immediately ceased all reparation payments. In conclusion, The Treaty of Versailles was unquestionably the reason why World War II started. The Treaty was unreasonably vicious to the Germans by forcing them to give up valuable territory. Also, the Treaty restricted the number of troops Germany was allowed to have. Finally, the Treaty of Versailles imposed severe reparations on Germany that just angered the Germans. This bold treaty gave rise to Hitler who ignored the soldier restrictions and immediately stopped all reparation payments. The Treaty of Versailles blamed Germany solely for the war and the treaty fueled German nationalism and hatred of rival western countries. Without question, the Treaty of Versailles’ ruthless nature towards the Germans inevitably led to a global scale war less than 20 years later.

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