Causes of War Outbreak in Europe in 1939

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Causes of War Outbreak in Europe in 1939 Hitler came to power in 1933. One of his first actions was taking Germany out of the League of Nations, this was supported by most Germans citizens because they thought that the treaty was unfair and as the members of the League of Nations did nothing about it Hitler gained confidence to keep up with his plans. As Hitler wanted to rearm he reopened German factories giving German citizens employment's back again, as Britain and France did nothing about it Hitler got each time more and more confidence. Meanwhile Hitler began with a massive rally of fascist propaganda, he also made a strong camping against communism speeding "the master race" idea. Hitler took part of Austria and non Britain or France did nothing about it. After these in 1935 Hitler began a massive rearmament program celebrating the "German Armada Forces", and in 1936 he reintroduced conscription in the German army. In this same year Japan, Italy and Germany signed the "anti-Communist Pact". A very sign...
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