Causes of University Students Stress

The term “stress”, as it is currently used was coined by Hans Selye in 1936, who defined it as non specific response of the body to demand for change (Neylan, 1998). Selye used the term in medical experiment towards animals on physical and emotional stimuli in laboratory. Selye’s theories considerable attention and stress soon became a popular buzzword that completely ignored Selye’s original definition. Now, people use stress to refer to preparing for an examination, having difficulty communicating with friends, dealing with serious illness in the family and adjusting to new living or working conditions. According to a study in America, significant sources of stress include money (75 percent), work (70 percent), economy (67 percent), relationship (58 percent), family responsibilities (57 percent), family health problem (53 percent), personal health concerns (53 percent), job stability (49 percent), housing costs (49 percent), and personal safety (32 percent) (American Psychological Association). For most university students, stress is something that negative and unpleasant. Stress also cannot be avoided but students must know the cause and how to handle stress properly. Therefore, there are many factors that affect stress and ways to deal stress so that it will not be harmful to our life.
Siblings and parents can be the major factor of stress. Parent’s arguments that happen in family become the biggest dilemma for students. Mostly, parents who are going divorce, they often believe that it is the best way of to shield their children from the stress of the situation. But, regardless of their good intention, children mostly teenagers often find themselves caught in an emotional whirlpool during these times. Div...

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From what we have discussed, we can conclude that there are many factors that can cause stress. The factors that we have focused on are sibling and parent, emotional, and financial. These three factors are the main cause of stress in our life. As a human we cannot avoid these, but we can reduce the stress by find the effective ways to deal with stress. Like what we have discussed, there are some ways to deal with it. For examples, manage your time properly, be physically and mentally active, and spend some time to relax and recharge. By practice this in our daily life; it can help you to reduce stress. As we know, as a student and also a teenager, we cannot run from facing stress. We have to be wise in handling stress by choose the best way for us to deal with stress. Do not let the stress takes over our life. Take control of it before it take control of you.
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