Causes of Low Health Expectancy

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Health expectancy can be defined as the years of living as well as staying healthy and free of diseases or disabilities. There are many factors which could cause to low health expectancy, such as lifestyle, diet, environment and even mind set. Health expectancy can be segmented with few conditions, male and female in developing and developed countries. The background of this essay will be based on England, one of the developed countries in the world. From 2009 to 2011,Males in England can expect to live 63.2 years in a state of “good” health; Females can expect to live 64.2 years in a state of “good” health(ONS,2013). This essay will argue that the main factors to low health expectancy are obesity and psychological problems, and the solutions such as government promotion and individual selves improvement. Firstly, due to the improvement of living standard in the last few decade, British people in general have been living with unhealthy lifestyle which could lead obesity to be a serious risk in contribution of low health expectancy. According to the National Obesity Forum (2014), obesity and being overweight are the direct reasons of many health problems. To which the main causes of obese could be unhealthy behaviors such as not eating properly and lacking of physical activities. An analysis was carried out by Health Survey for England (2012), which shows that adults with obesity have increased from 13% to 23% for women, and 16% to 23% for men. The data shows during the 1993 to 2012. It is clearly that there are nearly 23 people out of a hundred are obese, in addition they also have 2% risk of being morbidly obese. In which obesity has a strong trends that will end up badly. As a result, obesity has a tendency to a key point of on... ... middle of paper ...[accessed 31 Jan 2014]  Office for National Statistics(2013),Healthy life expectancy sub-national estimates for England 2009-2011 Info graphic. Available from Link : [accessed 30 Jan 2014]  RAND Europe(2014), UK Government Should Pilot Four Interventions to Improve Employment Outcomes for People with Common Mental Health Problems. Available from Link: [accessed 11 Feb 2014]  The information centre(2012),statistics on obesity, physical activity and diet:England,2012. Available from link: [accessed 13 Feb 2014]
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