Causes of Depression

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Depression is a rapidly growing mental illness that strikes millions, but they never know the cause of this common, yet sometimes, harmful illness. If victims and potential victims knew what caused depression, they could do more to prevent it from happening. In order to know what causes depression, one has to know what it is. The online dictionary defines it as “a condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by any objective reason (Dictionary: 1)”. Depression doesn’t just come from one single cause, but instead, “likely results from a combination of genetic, biochemical, environmental, and psychological factors (NIMH: 1)”. The National Institute of Mental Health also goes on to say that “subsequent depressive episodes may occur with or without obvious triggers (NIMH: 1)”. Different from what the Nation Institute of Mental Health says, Access Science, and encyclopedia of science and technology states that depression is caused by at least one occurrence of clinical depression that can happen at earlier ages. Other causes are cardiovascular disease, chronic illnesses, severe life events, and the abuse of drugs and alcohol (AccessScience: 1). An unsurprising, but common cause of depression is insomnia. At least one night a month, over 40 percent of adults in America will experience a night with constant tossing and turning (Psychology Today: 1). As a cause and effect situation, anxiety and stress can result in insomnia, which results in depression, Psychology Today states. Michael Perlis, a sleep researcher at University of Rochester says that the body could try to correct itself through insomnia. By waking up early, the production of serotonin is enhanced, and miss... ... middle of paper ...> “Eating junk food ‘can cause depression’. The Hindustan Times. Web. (Jan. 17, 2010): 1. Retrieved February 10, 2010. “Internet surfing can cause depression”. Belfast Telegraph. Web. (Feb. 3, 2010): 1. Retrieved February 10, 2010. <> Reynolds, C. "Depression". AccessScience. (2010): 1. Web. Retrieved February 10, 2010. "What Causes Depression.” NIMH - National Institute of Mental Health. (Jan 20, 2009): 1. Web. Retrieved February 10, 2010. <>

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