Causes Of The World: The World Vs. Poverty

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Amanda Lucero
Mr. Lind
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6 May, 2016
World vs. Poverty
There is an estimated 7.4 billion people on this earth and about 80% of those people live in poverty. That means most people are living on less than, $2.50 a day; which is also a principle factor in causing world hunger ("Africa Hunger and Poverty Facts."). Around 27-28 percent of all children in developing countries have estimated to be underweight or having stunted growth. Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names. Why is this? Poverty is caused by many different factors such as poor land utilization, corruption and defective governance, and diseases sometimes caused by lack of a clean water supply. Lack of clean
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Poverty can only be fought with the presence of strong institutions, and equitable distribution of resources. This requires a non-corrupt government. However, in Africa, programs designed to fight poverty are never fully implemented because the funds end up in the hands of corrupt individuals and warlords ("Causes of Poverty"). And because of poor governance, those in authority fail to protect these funds, meant for impoverished families. This creates an imbalance in society and leads to more poverty because you end up with few influential and powerful individuals oppressing the poor (who are the…show more content…
Over 850,000 people have been reached with USAID HIV prevention education, and 40,000 people have been trained to support HIV/AIDS programs in their own countries. Also more than 3 million lives are saved every year through USAID immunization programs. Life expectancy in the developing world has increased by about 33 percent, small pox has been eradicated worldwide, and in the past 20 years , the number of the world’s chronically undernourished has been reduced by 50 percent ("U.S. Foreign Aid - The Borgen Project."). Technologies are being developed, for instance, to improve recycling of wastewater and sewage treatment so that water can be used for non-personal uses such as irrigation or industrial purposes ("Provide Access to Clean Water."). Recycled water could even resupply aquifers. But very effective purification methods and rigorous safeguards are necessary to preserve the safety of recycled

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