Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

As known, the witch trials occurred in the year 1692, and was one of the most devastating events to have ever occurred in Salem, Massachusetts. These events occurred due to the ignorance of many afflicted girls. Many innocent people gave up their lives and protested their innocence of witchcraft. According to the websites, there is little known about the accusers. However, many of the people who aided in the accusing were said to have left Salem. After the events occurred, only one of the afflicted girls and a few other accusers gave a confession pleading for forgiveness. It is still unknown why this event led to such an outrage, but many reasonable speculations are assumed. Throughout each reference, many of the authors explain what happened…show more content…
Most of the people in Salem were based on the Puritan belief, which was very strict. The Puritans believed in a punishment for the disobediences against the laws during the period of Salem. There were only a few things a person could do to avoid being hanged. If a person confessed of witchcraft, they would not be executed. According to the article “Witchcraft in Salem,” “a confessor would tearfully throw himself or herself on the mercy of the town and court and promise repentance.” Even though many people did confess to witchcraft, many would not because they wanted justification. However, there were only a few to confess, but were still punished in jail. Reverend Samuel Parris was the town’s minister during the trials, and two of the main accusers Betty and Abigail lived in the Parris’s household. However, once a person was accused of witchcraft, Reverend Samuel Parris had no interest in believing otherwise in the person’s innocence. Reverend Parris was very imprudent, and careless to the hangings. Ragosta observes that “through either direct order or indirect insinuation, Parris may have chosen not only those who represented an unusual or disliked position in the village, but also those who had supported his enemies and
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