Causes Of The Refugee Crisis

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About half of the total global refugees today are unaccompanied minors, ranging from the ages of 16 years to a mere 2 months old (“Global Trends”). The refugee crisis involves an influx of people fleeing to a foreign land to evade oppression, persecution, or conflict in their native country (“Refugee”). This international problem is caused by violence, war, racial discrimination, religious persecution, and the fear of not being safe (“What’s Driving”). The negative impacts consist of more education, transportation, housing, and more essential services needed to meet an inundation of refugees (“Social and Economic Impact”). Also, the spike in population “creates a sudden and massive demand for scarce natural resources such as land, fuel, water,…show more content…
The three major causes of the crisis are war, racial discrimination, and religious persecution and which all result in refugees fleeing their home country. The victims of the refugee crisis can range from countries hosting refugees to the refugees themselves (Betts and Collier). The host countries, which are usually countries next to the origin countries for refugees, can face major economic and financial problems, with little to no help from international organizations, such as the United Nations. Refugees face a multitude of problems including prostitution, a lack of medical aid and medication, poor living conditions, little to no money, and many more hardships (Betts and Collier). The refugee crisis has caused the world to think about how to solve the issue, but no long-term solutions have been put in place by international organizations. Countries such as Canada, Venezuela, and Colombia have allowed large numbers of refugees into their borders, helping to relieve the pressure from current struggling host countries (Stone). Also, private organizations such as the Migrant Offshore Aid Station have helped raise donations for host countries and refugees (“How to Help”). Overall, the refugee crisis is such a dire issue because if not dealt with, future generations from years to come will face the

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