Causes Of The Cold War

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After the two non-ending World Wars came another long war known as the Cold War. Two sides fought this war, one of them was the United States of America, and the other side was the Soviet Union. Each one of theses sides had its own way of governing. Although both sides couldn’t manage to lose more people after World War II, they still got into war from 1947-1991. The reason behind the cause of the Cold War was viewed in several different perspectives. Although there are many views, the post-revisionist view provides the best reasoning for the occurrence of the Cold War. The Ally Powers, America and the Soviet Union’s two different ideologies of communism and capitalism after World War II were what caused the occurrence of the Cold War.
World war II was a war that was followed by World War I. World War II was a series of hectic battles that lasted from 1939-1945. These battles were fought between two groups of countries, the first group was made up of Germany, Italy, and Japan. This group of countries was known as the Axis Powers. The other group was the Allies that included France, Canada, India, New Zealand, Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States of America. These chains of combats took place in Asia, North Africa, and Europe. During May of 1945, the battles in Europe were over with the victory of the Ally Powers, nevertheless the Pacific combat prolonged until August of 1945 due to the resistance of Japan. Not long afterwards, the Ally Powers dropped two atomic bombs that were targeted on Japan. The first atomic bomb hit Hiroshima, and after 3 days the second bomb that struck Nagasaki followed it. The striking of the two atomic bombs from the Allies resulted in Japan’s surrender. The surrender of Japan finally marked...

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...termediate the Soviet Union. Therefore, the traditional view blames the Soviet Union entirely while the revisionist view blames the United States completely.
The Cold War was caused by three views known as the traditional view, the revisionist view, and the post-revisionist view. After the long lasting battle between America and the Soviet Union the main reason behind the Cold war was the two different beliefs that America and the Soviet Union had. America believed that the world ought to be governed with Capitalism and the Soviet Union believed that the world must to be governed with Communism. The differences between the ideologies were thoroughly explained by the post-revisionist view of the Cold War. Until this day, Russia and America are two world superpowers that are considered as very strong nations that have not yet come to complete peace with each other.

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