Causes Of The Cold War

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The cold war was a rivalry between the USSR and the USA that played out globally. It was an era that lasted from 1945 to 1990. The cold war gave America a lot in terms of spy novels, an arms race, space race, anticommunist movies, etc. After the World War 2, there were only two nations left with any sort of power left, the Soviet Union and the United States. United states still had worries as it wanted to make a strong, free market- oriented Europe, which was Capitalist. During and after World war two, there were signs of mistrust between Britain, the Soviet Union and the United States. The idea for the soviets was to create communist buffer between them and Germany, but US saw it differently and it looked that communism kept expanding. In the spring of 1945 the Soviets started to install compliant governments in the eastern parts of Europe, thus violating the promises made of democratic election during the Yalta Conference. On May 12, 1945, the British Prime minister, Winston Churchill, sent a telegram to President Truman stating, “What is to happen about Europe? An Iron Curtain is drawn down upon front. We do not know what is going on behind it.” There wasn’t much the western powers could have done to prevent the soviets to take over control of Eastern Europe. By the beginning of 1947, relations with the Soviet Union had become more troubled and just bad. Stalin in 1946 said that international peace was impossible and” under present capitalist development of the world economy.” This statement urged the state department to send an urgent request to George F. Kennan, diplomat and political analyst stationed at U.S. embassy in Moscow. Kennan replied and insisted that the assumptions made by former president Roosevelt but dangerousl...

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...ponry. Under the terms of the treaty the U.S. would destroy 859 missiles and the Soviets would 1752. Soviets end the war in Afghanistan, which lasted for nine months that was fought against Afghan forces. A new generation had come to power in 1985 for the Soviets, Gorbachev. He was determined to wrap up cold war, as it wasn’t really good for the communist at the moment. He brought an end to the soviet support of client governments in Eastern Europe, which Included the fall of berlin wall. These steps improved relationship between the United States and Soviet Union or Russia (USSR eventually dissolved into 15 separate countries). I think the foreign policy of the United states is still and always be same in terms of protecting its citizen and ground, commitment and freedom of trade, and looking after the good in the world, thus always a symbol of hope for peace.
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