Causes Of The Arab Israeli Conflict

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The Arab Israeli conflict has been an issue for over many years. After the events of the Holocaust, many people believed that the Jews deserved a safe home to stay. Because of the Jewish background that says that God promised Abraham's descendants the land of Israel. By 1947, Palestine was full of Jews that were trying to escape the persecution known as the Zionist Movement. The Jews liked the idea of having a Jewish homeland. However the local Palestinian population of Muslim Arabs felt that the constant immigration was threatening their way of life. The conflict between the Arabic and Jewish populations had been constant for many years before the holocaust. It only came to light in the years after it ended.
Diplomats and other government officials have been trying to distribute the land of Israel in a way that would please both sides with no success. However I believe there is a solution that satisfy both parties. The UN has tried to divide Israel in effort to make peace between the two conflicted nations but the Palestinians rejected. After so many “no’s” by the Arabs, You'd think the UN would try a different approach or a different Location that would be more suitable. So I began to think that no matter how the UN divided Israel, the Arabs would never accept it and did some research on more suitable locations for the Jewish population that already exist today, relocating the Jews and restoring the Palestinians their original homeland.
Many people would argue that Israel was and is the Jewish homeland and their holy land, but but if it was so holy to them, then why were they not they living there before the Holocaust. If it was so holy to them, then they would have been living there before all of this conflict. The UN only ...

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...the Jews unlike the Palestinians.
In order to make the transition more comfortable, I have thought it would be a good idea to help them move over a yearly time period rather then all of them traveling at once. The current population of Jews in Palestine is about 6,000,000. If we were to relocate about 1 million per year this would allow for an easier transition between the two countries, I propose that the UN and the Palestinian government provide some assistance with the immigration of Jews to Australia from Israel. I am very sure that if the UN thought thoroughly about this that they could figure out many ways to help with this.
I’m sure the Jews don’t enjoy the attacks from the Palestinians and they have also witnessed the rejections that the Palestinians made to the UN’s attempts of peace. I don’t see why any Jew or any person would disagree with this plan.
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