Causes Of Teenage Violence Essay

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Marisa Gulliver Professor Fazzone English 12 16, May 2014 Teenage Violence: Who’s To Blame? A lot of teens are seen on the news for being involved in criminal acts such as gun violence and attacking one another. The first thing that comes to mind is, who is responsible for these kids and what exactly are they teaching them? Are the parents really the ones to blame? Many people think because what’s shown on television is the reason why youths act out in such a disastrous manner. Media does sometimes influence teens into thinking a certain way but I honestly think peer pressure is what actually triggers the chaotic behavior of a teen. Peer pressure plays a big role in a teenager’s life. It’s hard at times to ignore peer pressure which can lead a teen into following “friends”. According to an article, “Helping Your Teen Handle Peer Pressure’’ by Westside Gazette, Gazette explains many reasons why teens submit to peer pressure that causes negative outcomes. One reason is because a teen may lack self-concept. In high school everyone tries to fit it with the “crowd”, no one wants...
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