Causes Of Stress In Personal Life

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All individuals at some point in their life have to deal with some kind of stress. This stress can cause multiple problems with an individual if not dealt with. When dealing with stress, people’s behavior changes, and can sometimes be the cause of negative behavior. One thing that stress can lead too, if not dealt with, is depression. Many individuals have stress in their home life and their professional life. Stress at home can carry over into the professional environment, which can cause work to be difficult. This can cause major disruptions in productivity and can be detrimental to that individual. If it has a detrimental outcome, this can cause the individual to go into deeper depression. No matter how stressful a situation is, the individual…show more content…
This depression can be harmful to the individual and can cause death. This change in behavior is a negative effect from stress. Many times people see the change in a person that is dealing with depression but seldom does anyone ask to help. The individual usually does not ask for help or even want to be helped if in deep depression. I have been depressed in my life many times, and it is hard to get out of that situation without support. Depression can make the individual want to do bodily harm to their self. They may even get to the point of wanting to take their own life. This is a very bad situation for any individual. Therefore, stress needs to be relieved in some form so that an individual does not fall into the trap of deep…show more content…
It distracts the individual from completing the task with a clear mind, and can cause questionable actions. When the leader is watching the individual, and realizes something is wrong, they need to take action to figure out the trouble. In this situation, the leader can have a hard time approaching the individual because they do not know the true reason for the distraction. If approached in the wrong manner, the situation can worsen. However, when approached correctly, the leader can help the individual get through the situation with positive reinforcement. They can also try to get the individual to seek professional help if they do not seem to get better in
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