Causes Of Stress Essay

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As the new semester begins in college, a fair number of students get frustrated and face a stressful situation by new school environment. Many high school seniors are not ready for college and have neither knowledge nor understanding of college life. There are even some students who quit their studies due to stress from college. Stress is a factor that we all face in our lives, but too much stress is not good for your health. Maintaining a balance between school and social life, students have too much work load, financial burden for students; these factors are one of the main reasons of why college students are under a lot of stress. One of the main causes of stress is maintaining a balance between school and social life. Students worry too…show more content…
The annual tuition for most colleges is very high, and even the tuition fees rise every year. The problem is that a fair number of college students pay their own tuition, and some of these students are struggling to pay it. This means that many students have to take out loans in order to pay for college. What is even worse, some of them are still struggling to pay off their debts after they graduate. It is not common for college students to live at home. Moving out might give students more independent and freedom, however, it would create financial problem. That means students also have to bear the cost of room and board. If the school is in large cities such as New York and Toronto, students would have more financial hardship. Not only that, students required to pay other expenses such as books and supplies, and transportation. Therefore, even if students get help from their parents or apply for some kind of financial aid, financial burden along with the academic stress is one of the main causes of stress for…show more content…
Some people might say that those kinds of stress would get to anybody and do not think it is that much of a problem. However, stress comes from a variety of sources and it affects students in different ways, so students should know how to manage those stresses and use it as their advantage. In other words, moderate amount of stress can help students learn more effectively once you know how to handle it. Since colleges are a serious place for learning, in order to help them learn more and lessen their stress school should provide a better environment for students. Therefore, college must make efforts for students be able to more concentrate on their studies, not stressing out about pay back their loans. Furthermore, if students are aware of the problems in college and try to make a plan well in advance, they can expect a healthier school
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