Causes Of Procrastination

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11:35 pm. The night before the deadline. Baggy eyes, and a throbbing head. All the cause of Procrastination, the horrible action of delaying or postponing a task. Teachers will constantly remind their students not to procrastinate, but somehow every student ends up in that pit of stress. Some students will say that they have never procrastinated, but they are liars, for they do not have the pride to say that they have procrastinated on a certain assignment simply because they had better tasks to accomplish. Although procrastination may be viewed negatively, it must be executed correctly to have the full experience. This experience includes: acquiring the beloved assignment, putting it off until the last minute, stressing while rushing to complete…show more content…
Day by day the person keeps thinking “Oh, I will just do it later,” and might proceed by watching television or scrolling through their Instagram feed. Eventually, the person decides to begin their task with barely any time left. It may go one of these ways: the person realizes that their task is more difficult than they first thought, or rarely the person realizes that the task is not so difficult and wonders why it was put off in the first place. Most often, it would go the first way. The person will rush to finish the task as fast as possible, and when done, they promise to never procrastinate again. Clearly, people need to stop lying to…show more content…
These situations may occur once every school year, and for others, and it may not occur at all. For me, it occurred fairly recently with my math homework which I finished a week in advance. I arrived home on a Friday night determined to get some of my homework done, so I would not be up too late on Saturday or Sunday. My plan, for once, worked and I sat down at my computer and did my 24 WebWork math problems in one sitting, and I did not get distracted at all. When I completed these 24 problems, I was proud of myself, and I rejoiced this victory with some Lindor chocolates my father had bought me the day before. When I returned to school on Monday, the teacher reminded the students about the WebWork at the end of class as she would do so for the four following days. Knowing that I already had it done was relieving, and with my knowledge I was able to help the other students understand the
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